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Under an extended measurement design, that has sandwich-signal H3d toward consultation of independent equivalence body, Slovenia obtained 4

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Under an extended measurement design, that has sandwich-signal H3d toward consultation of independent equivalence body, Slovenia obtained 4

Under an extended measurement design, that has sandwich-signal H3d toward consultation of independent equivalence body, Slovenia obtained 4

8 explains away from all in all, fourteen, that was below the Eu mediocre and that increased to 5.cuatro. Below sub-indication H3d, Slovenia lost one another available items given that separate gender equality looks is only consulted to your of the agency or ministries on gender effect of the latest or current guidelines, legislation otherwise programmes in some times.

Getting Signal H4 towards the production and you may dissemination out of analytics disaggregated of the sex, Slovenia scored step three.0 circumstances, following next the Eu mediocre regarding 3.4. They scored the most regarding 2 situations getting sub-indicator H4a on bodies commitment to the production of statistics disaggregated because of the sex while there is a legal duty toward national analytical workplace to collect research disaggregated by the sex. However, it destroyed step three.0 factors, away from all in all, cuatro, to have sub-indication H4c towards the capabilities out-of perform to help you spread out analytics disaggregated because of the sex, since there is not any web site otherwise element of a website faithful so you’re able to gender statistics which would support dissemination.


SLOVENIA, a former component lover off Yugoslavia, is one of the smallest and you may youngest countries in europe . It covers an area of 20 256 km dos having a great people around dos mil that’s including over fifty percent female. Slovenia has nearly 6000 locations and a people occurrence away from 97.step 1 for each kilometres 2 . The country is mountainous, ruled because of the nik ranges of the eastern Alps. There was a beneficial 46 km expand out of coast on the Adriatic. Slovenia are bordered from the Italy on western, Austria from the northern, Hungary on the east, and you may Croatia regarding south. The nice variation within the climate and you may geography lends alone on the development of tourism on Alpine, Adriatic, Karst and you can Panonian regions.

Ljubljana, populace 305 000, ‘s the investment in addition to administrative and you will cultural center regarding the world. Maribor, populace more than 100 000, ‘s the next prominent area. Earlier polycentric local developments created the requirements getting apparently equivalent lifestyles and working requirements in the most common of nation’s countries.

Given that wearing versatility from inside the 1991, Slovenia keeps been through dramatic alter and you can improvements, characterized by a two fold change – new changeover towards another county, while the changeover off a semiplanned so you’re able to a totally free-field program. These types of changes was in fact affected by several outside surprises like the battle within the Bosnia and you will Herzegovina, brand new low-choosy sanctions against all of the republics of your Former Yugoslavia, losing the new Yugoslav industry and you can growing battle out of former associate states regarding CMEA.

Using its this new constitution, Slovenia became a good popular parliamentary state, in line with the principle out of break up of energies. Executive strength is stored by the a federal government opted inside Parliament, and you will a creator of your Republic chosen directly in elections by the female and you can men citizens. The government is the large professional human body out-of power in addition to high national management body. The greatest official branches out-of fuel may be the Supreme Judge, the fresh Constitutional Legal additionally the Individual Liberties Ombudsman centered because of the Slovenia into the 1994.

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Slovenia is actually an extremely industrialised and you will export-founded nation. With a gross national unit (GNP) out of USD ten 000 for every single caput (Delo, 1996), Slovenia is recognized as a moderate-set up nation, rated lower than Spain and Ireland but a whole lot more prosperous than simply Greece, A holiday in greece and you can East European countries. The nation’s development and you can international trading is actually very diversified, that have a gross residential device (GDP) created by community ( per cent), attributes (57.8 per cent), tourism (dos.nine per cent) and you will farming (4.nine per cent).

In order to make a niche to have Slovenia throughout the this new Europe, the us government might have been creating brand new regulations toward all facets off national existence. Yet not, it’s been possessed which have political and you will economic issues possesses maybe not noticed the effects of the transition and conversion process on the public innovation. The recent social change possess lead to the new difficulties, such as for example components out of groups into the neighborhood, expanding poverty, destruction of the societal security system, expanding jobless, restoration away from traditionalist opinions and you will ways of life, in addition to reduction of current public rights (Verbole, 1997b). The results of them alter you may definitely tutkia sivuston disturb the balance anywhere between upcoming monetary and you will societal advancements and may also trigger issues and you can breakdowns inside the Slovenian society.