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Hughes following shows you that sacrifices must be made if Edolas will be to have eternal Miracle

Historique de la mariГ©e par correspondance

Hughes following shows you that sacrifices must be made if Edolas will be to have eternal Miracle

Hughes following shows you that sacrifices must be made if Edolas will be to have eternal Miracle

Grey will get stuck regarding the soil however, is able to avoid and you will attempts to attack Sugarboy, however, their attacks all of the become liquid on account of Sugarboy’s phenomenal items which softens their attacks, at the same time Lucy is able to release Natsu from the roller coaster and additionally they end up in a pond. Frustrated, Lucy summons Aquarius however, soon finds out one to Aquarius struggles to control water by way of Hughes and additionally they rating sparkling into a troubled home.

The latest Queen and Byro explore their preparations of using the brand new Dragon Chain Cannon going to the newest Lacrima with the Extalia, having Byro handing over the primary of your own canon so you can Faust. Merely then Coco happens and attempts to share with the latest Queen so you’re able to reduce his preparations due to the fact Lily is actually fighting nearby the Lacrima, however, the guy declines and you may says this package death makes little difference. Coco, that is in shock, takes an important and you can operates aside but the King and you may Byro try to prevent their particular by the assaulting their base, however, she however continues running away.

Natsu next decides to use the machine, hoping that Hughes gets sidetracked by Lucy during the an effective alluring dress, it fails miserably

If you are Natsu continues on attacking Hughes and his armed forces out-of beast mannequins, Lucy runs additional and you may bumps to the Coco. Just after, Byro appears and you will demands into the key, and this Lucy errors on her behalf Celestial Spirit important factors, and decides to defend Coco off Byro.

While they start attacking Lucy summons Taurus to battle up against Byro but finds out you to definitely Byro’s Secret comes to tossing h2o that have different outcomes, that takes aside Taurus right away. She after that summons Virgo which manages to trap Byro from inside the an excellent pithole for a time, until the guy requires a h2o and that transforms him into the a large humanoid octopus. With the knowledge that Lucy is utilizing a great amount of Miracle in order to summon the newest Zodiac Morale, Virgo decides to bring their own a beneficial celestial whip to simply help their particular within her battle against Byro. Lucy uses the new whip so you can tie up Byro’s tentacle and you will directs your crashing toward a wall structure exactly as Natsu manages to punch Hughes from the wall structure into other side, slamming them both away. Understanding that Natsu and you may Lucy is dependable, Coco chooses to give them the primary and get them to avoid the King’s plan, but before they make the secret, Sugarboy appear and snatches they away. In the near future, Grey happens on the a motorcycle and you may chases just after Sugarboy. Immediately after a short chase, Gray manages to catch-up and you may finds out your trick try what they desire to interact new cannon. Grey then use his Frost-Make: Flooring and come up with Sugarboy crash into a wall surface.

Grey upcoming grabs the main and encases they for the frost; due to the fact royal armed forces need the primary, Sugarboy can’t use their Magic into freeze, for fear of ruining the melhores aplicações de namoro no Brasil primary. If you find yourself Gray goes on freezing an important, it actually starts to break and you may Sugarboy attempts to get Grey to avoid because they need certainly to the answer to utilize the canon, which will surely help rescue people they know. Grey but not does not want to listen and you may shatters the primary, and finishing Sugarboy away from. As he guides out, Sugarboy mocks him stating they have destroyed most of the chance of protecting people they know, but Grey simply laughs and says they can build a copy together with his frost.

Right back on haunted family, Natsu and you will Lucy wake up and you may Lucy finds herself inside a good host hence changes their unique gowns

Whenever Natsu catches up, he’s a tiny amazed to see the key forgotten, however discovers one to Gray can cause a replica hence they can put it to use to show folks back into normal. Just after, Erza Knightwalker (in fact Erza Bright red in the disguise) shows up and you may captures them. Natsu and you may Grey was after viewed apparently unconscious and you can tied, being drawn because of the Erza earlier a door in order to where the cannon was. Erza tells Grey to produce a copy of your secret, covertly trying to strike the Lacrima on the cannon, but the package fails and Erza informs Natsu to maneuver, slamming out a number of the troops just like the she takes brand new King since the hostage. New Mages after that purchase the latest soldiers to change the goal away from the latest canon into the Lacrima by itself, however the bundle was defeated from the Erza Knightwalker whom looks regarding significantly more than and symptoms Planet Property Erza, launching the fresh new Queen and you will returning the cannon to help you the amazing address along the way, which then fireplaces. Lucy after that comes having Coco on the a great Legion to save and you will capture individuals in order to Extalia and prevent the newest Lacrima, and you can Erza Knightwalker incisions their unique locks whilst to not confuse herself which have Erza Scarlet and then have tell you their own determination.